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Created 16-Jan-17
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Hayley and Aaron met while working part-time jobs to tide them over through university, and have been inseparable for the ten years since. They have casually, at last, chosen to elope - in Kyoto, Japan. Both heralding from Tasmania, this was their first trip to Japan, and it definitely won't be their last! The magical, warm day in January was a whirlwind adventure across the city, from the famed Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, to the Silver Pavilion, the historic district of Gion, and along the waterfront to the quirky K8 bar. Hayley and Aaron, full of energy and open-mindedness, were patient and willing to trek on foot for hours with me following them around like paparazzi, capturing them at their most candid, and full of love. Many congratulations to Hayley and Aaron, and thank you for inviting me out to Japan on your special day!

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