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Created 11-Oct-16
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After moving to Charlottesville, Virginia, I found myself lucky enough to snag a freelance gig with their local newspaper, Cville Weekly. My first appointed task was to follow a local professional hiker, who has completed all 500 miles of trails in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, up to the Black Rock Summit to snap some photos during an interview session.

The enthusiastic hiker showed the writer and I that the short hike had a great reward: a 360 degree view of the Blue Ridge mountains, a connection to the Appalachian Trail, an up-close view of wildlife, and breathtaking scenery of autumn. The early wake-up was totally worth it! He was experienced with the area, and knew all of the top hikes in the State (and beyond). Though having been here a short time only, his energy and recommendations inspired me to get out more and explore this new state. This gorgeous spot was a great introduction to Virginia, and I recommend it to all locals and visitors!
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